Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Big Jewelry Project: Lucky Charm Necklace

I got this idea from the book "Beadalicious" by Sonya Nimri. Its such a great book that has a lot of trendy jewelry ideas. I'm excited to have found a book that has cute ideas instead of the books that are focused towards older women. This one was definitely made for young women.
I made this necklace because I need more gold in my accessories and this was a pretty necklace. It was hard to make because I obviously couldn't find the exact charms but I used my creativity and worked with what I had.

I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it!

The beads I that I bought at Michael's were the big heart (love it!), the leaf, and the Chinese coins, and of course, the gold chain and the beautiful green "semi-precious" stones in the back. No wonder my total at Michael's was $45.00!!
The two I had from my own collection were the rose pendant and the ruby heart (reminds me of my mom).
Now I just need to find something to wear with it!

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Dottie said...

Beautiful! You're really good at the jewelery making!