Thursday, February 5, 2009

See me rollin', flossin'

I have been doing most of my running at work during my lunch break. At first, I wanted to avoid telling my co-workers for some reason. But then I thought that maybe I could motivate them somehow. So I tell them when I'm running. I tell my teammates, I tell the woman at the desk, I tell my friends. And I have to say, I like that they know my schedule. It's kind of motivating me. Yesterday, when I was just walking to the bathroom, I had three people, in a row, ask me if I was going running. "No, but I am tomorrow.""No, but I am tomorrow.""No, but I am tomorrow."

I digress. The point of this blog will be to describe how exactly I can run in one hour. One of the most important aspects of running at work is preparation. Not the H type. Although that my help some. :-)

What I do is pack everything I need to run and to clean up after the run, the night before. I use my old college bookbag which is great because it is a big back with 3 different sections. To pack my running clothes, I first fold everything in half, then I place my "shield" on the outside: my coat, a long-sleeved shirt, and my outside pants, if applicable. Next is my "insides" such as my t-shirt and second pair of pants (these are usually cotton or some other thin fabric). Last, my really, really inside: bra, undies, and socks. One thing about the undies, I usually change out of my work undies (who would've thought I'd have such a thing) for my run. This helps a lot in making me feel cleaner when I change back. That's as far as I'll go to describe that! Lastly, I roll all these things up. This rolling is very important when it comes to changing in the bathroom's handicapped stall because there is a little shelf that I can use to unroll all my run clothes.

Okay, so I run, run, run. Come back and I will do 3 important things. First, I will use flush-able baby wipes to wipe myself. If anything, it wipes the sweaty smell off me. I also splash my face with cool water and swipe it with some Oxy pads. The third most important thing for post-run, work-ready freshness is a hair dryer. I stole the little portable one from my boyfriend and its great. I use it to dry and style my hair but I love to use that Cool function to, well, cool off. Ahh, it feels soo good some days. And I'm ready. Some other extras that are important: deodorant, body spray, and make-up (if you're that type of person).

When I first got into this routine, it took me about 15 minutes to change. I'm now able to do it in about 10. And, I am getting much better at putting on my sock while standing on one foot! And, I need to add, today I wore a skirt. There is something empowering about going for a run and then changing into a skirt.

Shell layer.

Insides Insides

The final roll.

My running bag waiting to go. Note my favorite shoe bag, "Politics is My Bag."

I love to run at work now. There is a great path by my work (that is currently under snow) that I would love to run on come Spring. Plus, I may have a few running partners. Hey, maybe talking about my running is paying off after all.

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Dottie said...

This is a great step-by-step tutorial! I love the pictures of the inner clothes - definitely the most important part. You're inspiring me to run mid-day...almost. But I'm too lazy for that! :) You have great willpower. It is easier when you have people who know about it, too. Nothing like knowing you'll be asked, "did you ride your bike [run] todya?" to make you actually do it.