Sunday, March 15, 2009

Red Red Wine

My friend (goth girl mentioned earlier) gave me a mixed bag of beautiful dark red beads. I decided to make a necklace with some of them and her leftover silver chain.

I am not sure if I like the result and I'm looking for some feedback.

What I like about it is the big gangsta-like chain (though maybe not with these stones??) and I like how the stones are all different and random.

Maybe the "big" stone isn't big enough for this big chain?

Regardless, here are the matching earrings. I really like them because they are simplistic. But I just realized that I have 2 other red earrings and I hardly wear them.

Anyone want to buy these? Eh, maybe I'll just get rid of another pair of red earrings I got from Target pre-jewelry days.


Meagan said...

The necklace would look better on a darker colored chain. I see these bead to be more of a goth because it is such a deep read. Maybe try tarnishing the chain some or put the beads on a dark color chain that is almost black, but not quite...maybe a dark, dark grey chain would even work~Meagan

Melissa Hope said...

Thanks, Meagan. I was thinking that too.

Dottie said...

How much? :)